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Top 5 National Squash Centers Around the Globe

Explore the top national squash centers worldwide, known for their world-class facilities and training programs. Discover how these centers in Manchester, Cairo, Philadelphia, Kuala Lumpur, and Carrara promote and nurture squash talent.
Top 5 National Squash Centers Around the Globe

National squash centers play a pivotal role in nurturing talent and hosting international events. These centers are not just training grounds but also cultural hubs, embodying the spirit of the sport. Here are the top five national squash centers globally, celebrated for their facilities, coaching, and contributions to the sport.

1. National Squash Centre, Manchester, UK

The National Squash Centre in Manchester is a premier squash facility renowned for its world-class amenities and rich history in the sport. Opened in 2002, this center has hosted numerous prestigious events, including the British National Championships and the World Squash Championships.

Key Features:

  • Glass Courts: The center boasts state-of-the-art glass courts, providing an exceptional viewing experience for spectators.
  • Elite Training Programs: It offers comprehensive training programs for athletes at all levels, from beginners to elite professionals.
  • Innovative Design: The facility's design incorporates advanced ventilation and lighting systems, ensuring optimal playing conditions.

2. National Squash Centre, Cairo, Egypt

Cairo's National Squash Centre is a beacon of excellence in a country that has dominated the squash world for decades. Egypt's prowess in squash is reflected in the numerous world champions it has produced, many of whom have trained at this iconic center.

Key Features:

  • High-Performance Coaching: The center provides top-tier coaching, focusing on developing both technical skills and mental toughness.
  • Extensive Facilities: It includes multiple courts, a gym, and recovery facilities, catering to the holistic needs of athletes.
  • Cultural Hub: The center also plays a role in promoting squash within the community, organizing grassroots programs to foster new talent.

3. U.S. Squash Center, Philadelphia, USA

The U.S. Squash Center in Philadelphia is a relatively new but rapidly rising star in the global squash community. Opened in 2021, it is the largest community squash center in the world, aiming to make the sport accessible to a broader audience.

Key Features:

  • Expansive Facility: With over 20 courts, including doubles courts, the center can accommodate large tournaments and training sessions simultaneously.
  • Inclusivity Programs: The center emphasizes inclusivity, with programs designed to engage underrepresented communities in the sport.
  • Technological Integration: Advanced technology is integrated into training and performance analysis, providing athletes with a competitive edge.

4. PSA Squash Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The PSA Squash Centre in Kuala Lumpur is a cornerstone of squash in Asia. Malaysia has a strong squash heritage, significantly bolstered by this center, which has been instrumental in developing world-class players like Nicol David.

Key Features:

  • Modern Infrastructure: The center features cutting-edge facilities, including climate-controlled courts and high-end fitness equipment.
  • International Tournaments: It regularly hosts international competitions, attracting top talent from around the globe.
  • Youth Development: A strong emphasis is placed on youth development, with programs aimed at nurturing young talent from an early age.

5. Australian National Squash Centre, Carrara, Australia

The Australian National Squash Centre in Carrara is a vital hub for squash in the Southern Hemisphere. Opened as part of the Gold Coast Sports Precinct, this center has significantly contributed to the development of squash in Australia.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Facilities: The center offers top-notch facilities, including multiple glass courts, a fitness center, and recovery rooms.
  • Elite Coaching: It provides high-quality coaching programs, focusing on developing both junior and elite players.
  • Community Engagement: The center is actively involved in promoting squash at the grassroots level, with initiatives designed to encourage participation across all age groups.


These top national squash centers around the globe are not just facilities but vital institutions that foster the growth of squash. They provide world-class amenities, cutting-edge training programs, and a supportive environment for athletes. Whether in the heart of Manchester or the bustling city of Cairo, these centers exemplify excellence and contribute significantly to the sport's global development.

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